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"Laura is wonderful to work with! For starters, she’s a total pro—responsive, communicative, prepared, and knows exactly what she’s doing behind the camera. Besides that, she’s personable and fun! She made me feel comfortable right from the start and was very generous with her time. And the photos surpassed my expectations. Just look at her website—the quality of her work speaks for itself. I can’t recommend her enough!" —Linda Ashman

"These images are truly amazing and so stunning, ... anyone who gets their pictures done are truly lucky to have you as their photographer!"

                                                                   Skyla M.

It takes a “Good Eye” to capture the Best Image of a Person.... It’s not easy...and there are a lot of Photographers in Santa Fe... Laura has that great eye... She is very good at what she does....and she captures your “Essence”....and makes her images radiate....who you are... Pictures you can be proud of.... If you are looking for “Someone Different with a great eye...” Laura’s the one...!!!                     

                                                                  Bob W.

"I don't think I've ever looked so good on film before, and looking at these pictures fills me up with an enormous sense of self love and confidence....  I feel like I've won the lottery."

                                                                 Devin C.

"I am so happy! ... Thank you so much for coming through for me and giving me the gift of some portraits that I feel confident showing off."

                                                                 Dan A.

"The pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!  You absolutely captured the spirit of the day... and some of the expressions that might otherwise have gone unnoticed are some of the most precious.  Unbelievable."

                                                                 Teresa P.

"You are so, so talented!  I can't tell you how happy this made us!  Thank you for being a part of such a special moment and for capturing us so beautifully."

                                                                 Hayley S.

"The pictures are amazing!! You are so talented. I cannot thank you enough for capturing Luke the way you have. Thanks for everything!"

                                                                 Allie W.

"I love love love all the pics. You do such a great job. 

                                                                Dawn B.


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